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The fascinating play, Lion King is successfully captivating millions of theatre lovers across the globe! This musical play is known for astonishing choreography and heart touching songs. Lyceum Theatre has configured beautiful sets to generate the perfect feel of African Savanna. For hassle free viewing, order online official Lion King Theatre Tickets!

During the era of 60s and 70s, Lyceum Theatre London was the most popular venue for rock concerts and television broadcasts. The stunning Lyceum Theatre was fully revamped from 1994 to 1996. With rich red and gold, its auditorium was designed beautifully. The auditorium is well equipped with all the modern day amenities, such as infra red or loop sound amplification.

Astonishing Disney musical, The Lion King has enjoyed roaring success with six Tony Awards as well as Evening Standard Award for Theatrical Event. Tim Rice and Elton John's popular musical features some of the mesmerizing numbers, such as Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

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The piece transfers audiences to the African plains, where lies Simba’s lost kingdom the Pride Lands. The cub was destined to be a ruler but misfortunes have swiped away the Pride Lands from his loosened claws. Simba is born to the Lion King of Pride Lands Mufasa and his beautiful Queen Sarabi. The whole of Africa has transformed into a banquet hall to celebrate the birth of their future king Simba. For days the fierce beasts of Savanna were busy rejoicing his birth and enjoying the feasts, but this was a gala from which his wicked uncle scar chose to stay away. Simba’s birth had narrowed his own chances of becoming the Lion King and he saw the occasions as the one that was driving away the Pride Lands from his clutches.

He is busy plotting his heinous plans but decides to wait until the time is right. Time passes on and after a few years, Simba grows up to be an inquisitive little cub. His proud father teaches him the prime responsibilities of being a ruler while taking his curious son for a tour of their kingdom and warns him to stay away from the shadowy lands beyond the borders.

Scar finds this to be the perfect moment to initiate his plans and he misled Simba calling the shadowy lands to elephant graves. This was enough to instigate the young cub’s inquisitiveness and he decides to visit the place taking his best friend Nala along. As obvious this comes out be one of Scar’s plans and both of them are attacked by Hyenas who all this while have been plotting with him but Mufasa somehow succeeds in saving both of them.

However luck doesn’t favor Simba when Scar assaults him for the second time. The audiences at the Lyceum Theatre London are left awestruck and their jaws wide open upon witnessing an encounter of the wildebeests live at the theatre. Scar succeeds in killing Mufasa who had jumped into the stampede to save Simba and makes the poor cub believe that he is the one responsible for his father’s untimely death. The crestfallen cub feels all the more disheartened and leaves the kingdom sailing for an anonymous voyage. Wait it is not yet over for Scar and he sends Hyenas to chase and kills him.

But the destiny has something else written in his fate and the lad survives all their attacks. He grows up only to dig out truths that were once concealed from him. He returns from the self-imposed exile evolving from an innocent cub to a fierce stalwart. He is back to return the lost pride of his Pride Lands, avenge the death of his father and seize back whatever was taken back from him using his innocence as an advantage. For decades now the appearance of the young Simba has been applauded in the auditorium of the Lyceum Theatre with a lot of hue and cry.

Join him in his journey and sail into the dazzling animal kingdom holding his hands! The magic of Lion King Show has kept the auditorium of Lyceum Theatre jam-packed for over a decade now and continues to enjoy sell-off performances still today. This animated piece form Walt Disney is not simply a musical but a show to rejoice the cycle of life. Get your family and friend along as this is for every genre and double the joy of watching this world class theatrical while being in the close company of your near ones.

The charisma of Lion King is so strong that the musical triggers repetitive visit to the Lyceum Theatre London. Smitten by the musical’s fascinating charms, it is irresistible to stay away from Lyceum theatre for long. If you have deprived yourself from the spectacular magic of this musical, you don’t need to do that anymore. Visit us for online booking of your Lion King tickets, read about Lyceum Theatre and to make a note of our contact details. Lyceum Theatre Tickets London are available with us for all categories. We also offer single as well as group booking for Lyceum Theatre.

Delightful musical bonanza, Lion King is running at the magnificent Lyceum Theatre! It is positioned at Wellington Street in Convent Garden. So, don't miss the opportunity and order top quality official Lion King Theatre tickets now!

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