Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre existence that goes beyond two centuries proves the fact that the theatre shares attribute similar to that of a Phoenix. The theatre made its modest beginning and went on to attain incredible heights until it reached its summit. The short downfall halted its spectacular rise for a while but only to witness the majestic evolution of the Lyceum Theatre.!

A theatre with the same name was built in 1771 and opened in the following year, 100 yards away from the current site. The old Lyceum Theatre hosted a variety of entertainments including boxing, fencing, concerts, public debates.

Some notable events that were organized at the Lyceum during its initial years are performance by the English actor, theatre manager, playwright and producer David Garrick. Philip Astley used the Lyceum Theatre as the stage for showcasing his circus between 1794 and 1809 as his own amphitheatre at Westminster was burnt down. Following this Lyceum served as a chapel and a concert room before it was used in 1802 for exhibiting the artworks of Madame Tussaud.

Lyceum Theatre attained one of the significant milestones in its history when in 1809 it was granted the license of hosting "spoken drama". In 1816 Samuel Beazely rebuilt the house for Samuel Arnold and was reopened as The English Opera House. The theatre was closed in 1830 following a fire tragedy that destroyed the structure. The Lyceum Theatre London attracted worldwide attention when it became the first theatre in London to be lit by gas. History was created here again when it staged London premiere of Mozart's acclaimed opera Cosi fan tutte.

1871 witnessed the onset of Henry Irving's fabulous association with the Lyceum Theatre. Irving years' gifted the theatre some of its most glorious days with Lyceum Theatre tickets

Lyceum was transformed into a ballroom in 1951 and many prominent bands including the Oscar Rabin band performed here during the period. Between 1960 and 1970 it emerged as a venue for pop concerts and television broadcasts. The internationally celebrated musical the Lion King made its West End debut here in 1999. The musical has left spectators worldwide awestruck with its magnificent story and rhythmic tunes that comes straight from the catalogue of musical maestro Sir Elton John.

The jaw dropping performances of the musical has left spectators spell bound and the theatre has been jam-packed with Lion King Tickets